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Ohio Lawmakers Consider Removing Rape Cases' Statute of Limitations

Only 16 states still have statute of limitations on these crimes

Ohio is one of 16 states that still has a statute of limitations for cases of rape, according to the sponsors of a bill that would change that.​ The bill, introduced by Democratic State Senators Nickie Antonio and Sean O’Brien, would not only eliminate the statute of limitations it would address a loophole in which one spouse can still violate their partner if they are incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. ​

The Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association (OPPA) supports the bill, the Ohio Public Defender does not; as is the case with many bills that change criminal laws one group is usually at odds with the bill over the other.

However, in this case, the Ohio Public Defender is not against victims seeking justice and says statutes of limitation are there to protect them as much as the accused. ​

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