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The Best Leaders Live in Their Authenticity

Top leaders develop an attuned self-awareness

I’m convinced of two things. First, we all desire to be more authentic in our lives. Second, we give up because this whole "getting to know ourselves" thing is damn hard work. It’s also the most important work we’ll ever do.

Authenticity is the ability to share the deepest and truest part of ourselves with other people. It begins with knowing who we are and what we believe. We’re told that we need to “be ourselves” but how many people know what that means?

Authenticity requires the personal wisdom
The confusion starts in school when we’re faced with peer pressure to fit in. God forbid if you stood out in any way. It’s not only peers, it’s also parents and teachers who mold us into who they think we should be. As adults, we’re slapped with images of perfection and social media influencers who supposedly know enough about life to tell us how to live ours.

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