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Five Steps to Taking Your Audience on a Journey

The narrative quest to telling better tales

Giving a great presentation is really about figuring out how to tell a great story. What is the narrative of your product? Your company? Your idea?

We know that the human brain is especially attuned to stories. Author and behavioral scientist Dr. Susan Weinschenk says, “you are literally using more of your brain when you are listening to a story. And because you are having a richer brain event, you enjoy the experience more, you understand the information more deeply, and retain it longer.” More enjoyment, deeper understanding, and longer retention? Sounds pretty much like a formula for presentation success.

That means we have to keep looking for ways to make our presentation narratives more compelling. In his classic work, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Thomas C. Foster tells us that all great narratives take us on a quest. He says there are five elements that must be present: the quester, a place to go, the stated reason to go, challenges and trials along the way, the real reason to go. These five elements can help us shape more engaging presentation content.

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