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Four Workplace Skills You'll Need to Stand Out This Year

Here are a few areas where you’d be wise to place your focus

Welcome back from the holiday break! Feeling rested? Now’s the time to talk about the things that will help you excel as you get back into the groove at the office.

Given that we just entered a new decade, you might be wondering: Are my (or my staff’s) skills up to snuff? It’s a fair question to ask, and the answer might involve putting some time into training. Here are a few areas where you’d be wise to place your focus:

Soft skills. More and more employers are looking for workers who listen well, show empathy for peers, and have other soft skills that help them interact well and build productive relationships with others. In a recent piece for Fast Company, contributor Judith Humphrey, a leadership communications expert, noted that people with high emotional intelligence have been shown to make nearly $30,000 more, on average, than those who don’t have such skills.

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