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A January Heat Wave Engulfed the Eastern Half of the Country

The weather incident toppled records

A winter heat wave made history over the weekend, setting dozens upon dozens of records in the eastern United States. As temperatures shot up more than 30 degrees above normal, January seemed to leap ahead to May. Boston, where highs are normally in the mid-30s at this time of year, soared to 74 degrees Sunday, joining several other cities in posting their warmest January day ever observed.

The abnormally toasty conditions occurred as warm air surged out ahead of a deadly storm system responsible for severe weather in the South on Friday and Saturday. And it happened amid a weather pattern that has been more springlike than winterlike since late December.

The magnitude of the warmth was yet another reminder of the influence of climate change, which is intensifying heat events and having a detectable influence on day-to-day weather, according to studies.

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