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Why Socializing is Exhausting for Introverts

Here's the science behind it

An extrovert and introvert walk into a bar. It’s a Saturday night, so the place is hopping. A cover band croons away on stage while dozens of people stand in groups, clutching drinks and nearly shouting to be heard.

The extrovert takes in the scene and gets excited. He sees social opportunities everywhere — an attractive woman at the bar, friends to talk to, the chance to cut loose and have fun. He walks straight up to his group of friends, slaps one of them on the back, and orders a beer.

The introvert sees the situation very differently. He hangs back for a moment, looking around, taking everything in. Then he walks quietly up to his friends. He feels overwhelmed, drowning in all the noise and activity, but he tells himself to relax — this is supposed to be fun, after all.

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