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Six Things a Good Event Moderator Should Always Do

Event moderation is all about hospitality

So you’ve been asked to be an event moderator. First time? You’re probably wondering what you’ve agreed to. In short, you’re the master of ceremonies. It’s your job to introduce speakers, keep the conversation flowing in a group discussion and ensure the audience gets the most out of the event. If you want your event moderation to be a success, there are a few key things to remember.

1. Understand your responsibilities
The event moderator role is really important. As well as being in charge of asking questions and introducing speakers, it’s about making sure the event runs smoothly. The event creators might have a strict timeline in place, so if someone’s going off on a tangent during a group discussion, it’s your job to politely interrupt and segue to the next speaker. The role also has an element of entertainment – the attendees are your guests, and you want to make sure they have a great time.

2. Get a copy of the agenda
If you’re going to help the event run smoothly, you need to know what ‘smooth’ looks like. Get a copy of the agenda from the event manager in advance. This will help you to plan your time, for example how early you’ll need to arrive and will give you an idea of what’s expected on the day. It might be as simple as introducing a few speakers and facilitating audience questions, or it could be hosting a panel discussion. Memorising the agenda will also help you to keep your eye on the clock to make sure sessions don’t overrun.

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