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Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Communicate

Some insights on dealing with COVID-19

For weeks, the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has dominated global attention. As misinformation pours in from all sides, anxiety around the virus continues to intensify. This fear is not limited to the state of public health—there is real concern for the well-being of the global economy as well. 

You may be wondering how to properly prepare your company for the impact of the developing outbreak. First and foremost, every organization should be taking proactive steps to protect employees. As you map out the logistics of personal health, remote-work opportunities and travel restrictions, it’s equally as important to determine how you are going to deliver that information. There’s already enough stress and confusion to go around. Consider the following communications strategies to give your constituents one less thing to worry about. 

Review Your Crisis Plan
As an equipped business leader, you have likely prepared for situations like this one by developing a crisis communications plan. It’s a good place to start, but it’s important to review and ensure it’s up to date. Given the gravity of this crisis, consider modifying the plan to properly acknowledge the current circumstances.

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