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Daily Buzz: Channel Your Inner Child for Better Decision-making

How to break free from analysis paralysis

Making critical business decisions is never easy, and it’s important to think things through. But too much ruminating leads to second-guessing and analysis paralysis. Take a similar approach to decision making as toddlers take to walking: Don’t overthink it, says Ryan Holmes, founder of Hootsuite, in Business Insider.

“The fundamental lesson here is about overthinking—and the power of getting out of our own heads. When my daughter isn’t really thinking about it, she walks just fine. It’s only when she’s deep in concentration that she gets tripped up,” he says.

How do you break free from the cycle of overthinking? Mindfulness routines like deep-breathing and exercise can help, Holmes says. Beyond that, go with your gut.

“In the business context, intuition can be an indispensable antidote to overthinking. That uneasy or excited feeling, deep inside? That strange conviction that this is the right course to take? That means something. It’s at least worth listening to—one more critical data point to take into consideration,” Holmes says.

However, intuition does have its limits. “For most complex problems and unfamiliar situations, thinking—i.e., sustained reason and analysis—is a critical tool. My daughter might be able to lean on instinct and intuition to walk and talk, but that doesn’t mean I’d let her do my taxes,” he says.

In any case, intuition can help you take the first step toward making a decision.

“If analysis paralysis is holding your business back, take a cue from the toddler in your life—stop overthinking,” Holmes says.

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