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A Message From OSAE's Chair: Staying Connected in Our New Normal

Please remember that our network is here to support you

Dear members,

What a roller-coaster ride these past couple of weeks have been! As we settle into our “new normal,” I wanted to touch base with you and see how you’re doing.

First off, on behalf of every OSAE board member, I wish you, your families and coworkers good health through this difficult crisis. The one certainty this crisis is reminding us of is that we all are in uncharted territory.

After talking with Jarrod, it seems like a lot of you reached out to OSAE during the first few days of changes implemented by our governor. I feel it is especially comforting knowing that during times like this, we can rely on our OSAE membership and its network to contact other members for guidance and to utilize our OSAE website to keep us up-to-date. OSAE is set to be our ultimate resource for COVID-19 updates and for providing us with online learning opportunities to meet our CAE requirements and to simply keep us informed. Jarrod and Martha are maintaining regular business hours while working remotely.

Please feel free to contact Jarrod, Martha or me with any concerns and provide us with any feedback you may have. As we adjust to this “new normal,” let’s not forget we’re all in this together so let’s lean on each other for support. Stay healthy, stay diligent, stay connected!

Deborah Trzeciak, CPA, CAE
Chair, OSAE

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