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Remote Work and Cybersecurity: COVID-19 Impact

Working from home often means working exposed

Since late last year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has killed thousands of people on several continents and infected hundreds of thousands more. In response to the pandemic, the EU is “locking down its borders, imposing a 30-day entry ban on nonessential travel for non-EU citizens to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” NPR reports.

In the US, CNBC has reported, courtesy of a Marist poll, that almost 20 percent of households have had hours cut or a job lost because of this pandemic -- with “[m]illions more job losses … expected by summer.”

If you are fortunate enough to still have your job -- with full hours and pay -- you might be telecommuting now. You might even be telecommuting while at home with your school-age children, more than 80 percent of whom UNESCO reports are home because officials have closed their schools.

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