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What's Stressing Out Association Employees

Believe it not - it's not working from home

It isn’t remote working. In fact, most people find working remotely relatively easy. What they find challenging are safely shopping, maintaining their personal health, and dealing with stress about themselves or loved ones contracting COVID-19. AND... not surprisingly, they want their employer to ask them how they are doing. Nearly nine out of 10 employees completed a brief survey when asked, and many thanked their employer for asking.

How do I know this? Because I asked. One of the things that was keeping me up at night was wondering how my friends and peers are doing. How are they holding up? How are they coping? Are they staying focused on the people and things that matter? I’m lucky that when I wonder, I can act on it because I work for a research group. Today, I’m happy to share a glimpse into how things are going.

Over the past week or so, over 600 employees from 18 organizations were asked to answer five questions about how they were doing. An astonishing 86 percent responded! (See bottom for information about methodology, response rates, and samples used. Contact me if you want your organization to participate in this no-cost survey.)

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