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Reboot: Getting Back To The Workplace

Here’s what to do now to help move your company forward

What does returning to the workplace look like going forward — whether that’s in an office, a retail shop or a factory floor? Over the last two months, we’ve learned that more people than we imagined can work remotely. But, to make this the norm in the future, those new technologies and ways of working will need to be adopted.

Businesses will also need to make significant changes around health and safety in the workplace. How your business will look and function in this new environment depends on multiple factors. You won’t be able to control all of those factors, but you can embrace some of them now to accelerate your workforce strategy for both the short and long term. By using data and insights to drive decisions, you can manage new operations, technologies and ways of working, while meeting the needs of your people and your business as you move forward.

Manage health and safety, using data as your guide.

  • Develop a plan to address and help mitigate workplace illness. As many employees head back to the workplace, they are likely to encounter others who have continued to work on-site as essential workers or those who have different distancing practices than they do. This may concern returning workers. As you address workplace health and safety, include enterprise tools like "Automatic Contact Tracing," which is geo-gated to the confines of your work facilities to help provide privacy and identify potential risks of exposure quickly.

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