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Authenticity In Business Matters More Than Ever—Here’s Why

It fosters deeper connections and makes you more trustworthy

How do you prove you’re genuinely authentic, especially in the current business environment? This might sound silly, but it’s a common conundrum for executives.

At its core, authenticity is about being relatable. When the people you lead feel like you’ve been through the same experiences they face — like working from home with kids — it fosters deeper connections and makes you more trustworthy.

Unfortunately, becoming more relatable doesn’t come naturally to everyone in the C-suite, and the added obstacle of leading from home doesn’t help. We can’t all be like Apple CEO Tim Cook, who openly discusses his weaknesses and takes responsibility for the company’s missteps. Some may consider this kind of behavior a sign of vulnerability or weakness, but that line of thinking is precisely what makes most executives seem so unapproachable.

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