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Don't Let Your Game-changing Ideas Disappear

Create an environment where stray ideas get heard

Talking to 100 associations will give you a few ideas about how to run an association. More than 100, even.

One of the fun parts of being part of the team that worked on the “100 Associations That Will Save the World” package in the latest issue of Associations Now is the sheer range of ideas coming out of the organizations that are featured. Whether the emphasis was research, education, government relations, public safety, or something else, there’s a breadth of ways that organizations are meeting their mission and making a difference in the wider world.

But one thing that struck me in the course of working on my own batch of stories for the package is that the range isn’t just about the ideas themselves, but how they come into being. The germ of a great idea doesn’t always come out of a volunteer committee or a senior-staff meeting. Sometimes, they come from one person having a singular, enlightening experience—and an organization that’s savvy enough to take that experience and make something of value from it.

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