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Will Attendees be Asked to Self-screen for COVID-19 Symptoms?

Some associations may ask attendees to do so

Over the past few weeks, kids in many parts of the country have been returning to school after six months away. Getting kids back in the classroom safely—if only part-time—has required detailed planning and coordination.

Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend of mine who lives New York City about her son starting kindergarten. Standard guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 will be in place (masks, temperature checks and social distancing). But in addition to that, his class will be held outdoors, and parents are required to do a health check every morning. After answering a few questions online, parents are given either a smiley face, meaning they can bring their child to school, or a sad face, which means they need to stay home or provide additional information.

Last week, I wrote about how convention centers are preparing for the eventual return of attendees by adding new technology like thermal imaging cameras that will take the temperature of convention-goers when they arrive onsite.

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