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Everything Apple Announced Yesterday

There are new wearables, new iPads and more bundled subscription services

Undeterred by the absolute maelstrom of apocalyptic disasters raging across the world, Apple held its annual September product event today. It was a pre-recorded virtual extravaganza, available to be streamed by anyone looking for something shiny to break up their doomscrolling.

Indeed, there were some lovely new gadgets shown off. But also, and more importantly, there were plenty of new options for Apple subscription services.

Two new Apple Watch models debuted on Tuesday. (The announcement of new Watch hardware was a given, considering Apple titled the event “Time Flies.”) Watch Series 6 is the premium model, priced at $399, which features a new sensor that can take a reading of blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds. There’s also a lower-priced model called Watch SE that sells for $279, minus the new blood oxygen sensor. Both are available on Friday. Watch Series 3 is still on sale for the lower price of $199.

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