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Seven Proven Performance Measures for Remote Workers

Employ these tips from OSAE Strategic Partner Clark Schaefer Hackett

Although most office workers are still working remotely, the age-old concern is still brought up: Can you really be productive outside of the office?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that those who have the freedom to work when and where they want to are actually more productive than those tethered to an office. With remote work only increasing, we have some tips for measuring (not micromanaging) the performance of your remote workers.

1. Communicate Policies and Expectations Clearly—and Early
Having formal policies and clear expectations in place early for individual and team performance makes the measurement of performance easier. Not only does this help managers understand the metrics that should be evaluated, the employees also have a clear understanding of what is expected. While policies can be evaluated and should evolve with changing circumstances, organizations should avoid changing them too often.

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