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Why Meetings Must Do More Than Just Recover From the Pandemic

Successful businesses will not just react, but actively move forward

The coronavirus pandemic’s impact on meetings and events was sudden and dramatic: In mid-March, the CDC halted gatherings and much of the country moved to shelter in place. In the months that followed, many related businesses focused on trying to simply stay afloat, bracing in a defensive posture amid unprecedented circumstances. But merely waiting for the world to reopen isn’t a viable comeback strategy.

Instead, it’s going to be those businesses that take a proactive, future-looking, and big-picture approach—rather than just trying to recover the old way of working—that will thrive as the industry moves forward from this crisis. Here are four ways to develop this approach at your organization.


The prioritization of health and safety standards across all organizations is critical to future success—and not just during a time of crisis.

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