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A Concierge Approach to Enhancing Members' Experiences

People want to feel comforted and coddled amid COVID

The American Health Law Association's (AHLA) membership was stagnating. A 2018 member survey revealed that only two out of five members would pay for their membership if their organization did not. And large organizations with group memberships would sometimes abruptly drop 50 to 100 staff members and AHLA had no idea why.

"There was no rhyme or reason," said AHLA’s Stefan Bradham, CAE, senior director of marketing and communications. "We were always trying to play catch-up."

He knew it was time to devise a strategy to boost recruitment and retention, so he created a concierge membership program, which will launch the end of this year, to provide tailored support and service modeled on hotel concierges, who are guests' go-to for whatever they need to acclimate themselves during their hotel stay. AHLA's member concierge, a one-year contract position, will be the point of contact helping members maximize their benefits and demonstrate to organizations the return on their investment.

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