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Some Gratitude for Meeting Pros During an Unexpected 2020

Here are three ways to say 'thank you'

The past eight-plus months have been hard both personally and professionally for pretty much everyone. And while it's okay to feel sad or overwhelmed or anxious, a good friend reminded me the other day that it's just as important to celebrate your successes and express gratitude.

If I've taken away anything from listening to and speaking with meeting professionals since March, it's that while they faced a lot of challenges, they tackled them head on and learned lessons along the way that will make association events even better in the future.

So, with Thanksgiving less than a week away, I figured it's a perfect time to highlight the great work that association meeting teams have done since the start of the pandemic and some wins they should celebrate—because I know their colleagues, as well as attendees, are grateful for their efforts.

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