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How a Sluggish Vaccination Program Could Delay a Return to Normal

It also could invite vaccine-resistant variants to emerge

The president-elect’s pledge had a certain ring to it: “At least 100 million COVID vaccine shots” in 100 days. That was on Dec. 8, before Joe Biden took office. On the fifth day of his presidency, Biden appeared to aim higher, saying 1.5 million shots per day was within reach.

Less than a month into the Biden presidency, as the rate of vaccinations continues to increase, the country has nearly reached the pace needed to achieve that milestone, with 1.48 million shots per day administered over the past week.

Yet as the country faces a deadly pandemic made even bleaker by emerging and more infectious variants of the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, epidemiologists and public health experts say the Biden administration must set its sights even higher.

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