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The Troubling Trend of Ghosting in Job Recruitment

One behavior your organizations shouldn't be doing

In the summer of 2015, it made its way into the public vernacular as a burn: Charlize Theron allegedly ended her relationship with Sean Penn by not replying to texts or calls, and the media had a field day with a previously little-used term coined by New York writer Hannah VanderPoel, the year before—ghosting.

Now, ghosting has been co-opted to aptly describe what employers and job-seekers have apparently been doing to each other and describes a rather alarming trend, revealed in a new Indeed report, Employer Ghosting: Troubling Workplace Trend. Although interestingly, on VanderPoel's little-seen, but excellently executed satirical video Ghoster's Paradise, the top comment (by Daniel Medrano, 2015) opined, "Interviewers have been doing this for decades to potential employees."  

In other words, maybe HR ghosting is not really new but developed significantly enough to make the leap from a dating descriptor to a recruitment one. And it's an appropriate description for what is, at its core, bad behavior, social ineptitude or laziness.

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