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Four Ways Managers Can Get the Best From Their Employees

Key rule: Give more than you take

I was nearly fired from my first association management job. While I loved what I did and did it well, I got bored quickly and craved new experiences. As boredom set in, I missed deadlines and procrastinated on simple tasks. My coworkers noticed these changes and became frustrated.

A tipping point came, and my performance forced our CEO’s hand. How she handled things changed my views on what it means to be a good manager. Instead of calling me into her office with a litany of my faults and failings, scolding me and then placing me on a performance improvement plan, she asked if we could go get ice cream. At the parlor, we talked about my hopes and dreams, what I wanted from my future, whether I saw myself in the association space and when I was most happy at work.

I told her that I loved my work, was happy in our environment, enjoyed working with her and loved our relationship. I confessed that I was getting bored, and the lack of new challenges was contributing to my poor performance. I acknowledged that I had become disappointed in myself, but couldn’t decide what to do about it.

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