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Evolution is key to thriving as a small business

Last year at this time, small business owners could convince themselves the pandemic’s impact on the economy was a temporary hurdle they would soon overcome. However, California businesses are still struggling to find employees, and as more variants of the virus continue to impact the confidence of small businesses, it’s clear that quick fixes and temporary changes to business operations will not suffice. In order to ensure your business thrives, you must be willing to evolve.

I started my pet wellness company Furry Face in 2004 as a tech rookie, and during the years that followed, I was hesitant to embrace social media for my business. For the first few years, I relied on word of mouth and traditional marketing tools – spending thousands of dollars on advertising with hard-to-measure returns on my investment.

For small businesses, increasing brand awareness is a challenge, and I had grown so accustomed to traditional marketing and advertising that I was nervous to try something new. But as my regular customers continued to ask if I was on social media, my curiosity got the best of me and I created a business page. Since then, my company name, and customer reach has gone from locally, to nationally recognized.

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