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Business and the Sustainable Development Agenda

An excerpt from Public Goods, Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Business

How can we relate public goods to the sustainable development agenda? What can businesses contribute to the progress of humankind beyond economic growth?

In our new book, Public Goods, Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Business, we highlight the inherent linkages between sustainable development and corporate responsibility for improving the current and future welfare of communities both at home and abroad.

Coming from different countries, different backgrounds, and different perspectives, the four authors are united in our recognition of public goods and their importance to the sustainable development agenda, as well as how businesses must move beyond a singular focus on economic growth to contributing to the well-being of the larger community. It is this diversity of backgrounds that brings strength to important discussion about building better futures post COVID-19, as well as our decision to write a book with a holistic perspective. One of the authors spent 30 years as a senior executive in a large German multinational, another is a retired business professor from the US, and two others founded and direct a 27-year-old think tank in Geneva, where relations to international organizations are routine matter.—Roland Bardy, Arthur Rubens, Raymond Saner, and Lichia Yiu

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