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Amazon's Individual Teams to Decide How They Return to the Traditional Office

Company directors will decide the frequency of in-person work

Amazon is shifting its approach to remote work again, giving its workers more control over how much time they spend in the office and opening the door for more corporate workers to continue working from home.

The company will now allow individual teams to decide which policy works for them, ranging from a full-time return to office life to remaining mostly remote, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said Monday in a note to employees.

"At a company of our size, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for how every team works best," Jassy said. "For our corporate roles, instead of specifying that people work a baseline of three days a week in the office, we're going to leave this decision up to individual teams," he added, referring to Amazon's earlier policy of how often it would require employees to be present in person.

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