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A Website Redesign Boosts Member Engagement, Retention and Value

Let members' digital experience expectations drive your redesign

Staff at the Auto Care Association realized members needed to have a better digital experience and improved access to information about its tools, resources, products, and services. But tackling a website redesign is not a quick process. It requires a lot of groundwork. Before even talking about technology, it’s essential to do research on what the business needs are.

“There needs to be a really good alignment between what the association wants, what the critical business needs are, and ultimately understanding what users are hoping for,” said Nathaly Branham, Auto Care’s web manager. That means member focus groups and surveys, to understand why they are visiting your site and what type of content they are looking for. It also requires getting buy-in from internal and board leadership to support necessary tech upgrades.

Once Auto Care had a good idea of what members wanted, it was clear they needed content management system (CMS) and association management system (AMS) updates to support all the new bells and whistles for the redesigned site. The legacy systems couldn’t support what the new website is able to do now.

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