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Four Keys for Supporting More Women CEOs

The environment for women CEOs is improving but people want more

The environment for women CEOs is improving. According to a report released last week by the Women’s Business Collaborative (WBC) titled Women CEOs in America, more women occupy the corner office in corporate America than ever. In 1999, only two women led Fortune 500 companies; today there are 41. And 42 percent of new appointments to board this year are women.

While the improvement is unmistakable, it hasn’t been exactly rapid, or as thorough as it could be. But Edie Fraser, CEO of WBC, sees the upticks as evidence of a growing culture change where both the public and leaders within organizations are making demands for more equity in the leadership ranks.

“We’re seeing more pressure from shareholders to really get a change in leadership for women, and particularly for women of color,” she said.

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