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Five Administrative Hacks to Help Better Run Your Association

Help it thrive in 2022 and beyond

The past 20 months forced associations to alter engagement methodologies, workplace arrangements, and practical outcomes in real time. While some in-person events are beginning to resume, associations still face an uphill battle when executing their essential mission and vision.

A February 2021 GrowthZone survey of association professionals identified some of those challenges. Time, money, and technology were consistently listed as the top three impediments to achieving optimal outcomes. This includes employees inundated with too many day-to-day responsibilities, scaled-back budgets, and low-quality data.

As associations begin to look ahead to 2022, updating internal controls—including time tracking and expense reporting—can help achieve better outcomes moving forward by reducing administrative requirements, improving data collection, and generating new efficiencies. Here are five time-tracking and expense-reporting best practices to help associations thrive in 2022 and beyond.

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