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How Interim Executives Can be a Surprising Benefit to Your Company

They can help organizations find long-term success

Companies bring on fractional leaders rather than long-term executives for many reasons, but the leading reason is that to these organizations it makes financial sense. You get the benefits of an executive without the hefty annual salary and comprehensive benefits package they command.

So, who and what is a “fractional leader?” Essentially, it’s an executive who assists a company and shares their expertise for a fraction of the time. Fractional leaders have been serving in back-office roles—human resources, finance departments, etc.—for years, but they are now common throughout the C-suite.

Fractional executives can also focus narrowly on key initiatives instead of getting sucked into day-to-day distractions or office politics. Fractional executives are there to get the job done, providing the benefits of specialization at a fraction of the cost.

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