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To Be Happier, Choose Abundance Over Scarcity

An abundance mindset can change your life

I had a curious interaction with a friend and longtime colleague of mine a few weeks back. My friend and colleague shall remain nameless because this story is not so much about him as it is about the question that it brought to the fore for me. I share this story only because I it may raise an important question for you. too.

Here’s the question: "Do I operate with a scarcity or an abundance mindset?"

The backstory

I post on LinkedIn five times per week. It is a great way to build a community of like-minded business professionals and generate meaningful discussions that can serve to inspire and enlighten. Also, like many in the advisory business, I use the platform to promote the management consulting and leadership coaching work that I do. Also, like many, I will tag people from my network to engage with my posts. The practice promotes community building and can extend one’s reach and influence.

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