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Key HR Themes for 2022:

Benefits, communication and flexibility

With 2021 now in the rearview mirror, many associations are looking ahead to what to expect in the workplace this year. The Omicron variant is still upon us, as are the conditions that led to last year's "Great Resignation." Patricia Trudeau, vice president and chief administrative officer at the Association of Corporate Counsel, said concerns over retaining and hiring staff will continue to be prominent this year for HR departments, which means it will be very important for associations to communicate their value proposition to current and potential staff.

"I've talked to a lot of other HR professionals that can't fill the more niche positions because they just can't keep candidates in the pipeline or the candidate accepts and then backs out at the last minute because they've gotten a better offer somewhere else," Trudeau said.

Trudeau said the hardest positions to fill and keep employees in are those unique to associations. "You're not going to see certain roles in other industries," she said. "We're trying to fill the same roles that other associations are trying to fill and there aren't enough people to fill the positions. So, you're constantly trying to identify what can the organization offer or do differently that is going to make us the employer of choice?"

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