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COCOA Recognizes OSAP Board Member Jon Melchi

He was recognized for his work

The Central Ohio Code Officials Association (COCOA) recently recognized Jon Melchi, the executive director of the Building Industry Association of Central Ohio (BIA of Central Ohio). Since 1943, the BIA has represented single and multi-family homebuilders, developers and remodelers throughout the region. Other members include trade partners, suppliers and service professionals.

In many markets, the relationship between builders and the code enforcement community can be contentious. The BIA is pleased to have a strong working relationship with the COCOA. 
"I am grateful to have received COCOA's Associate of the Year award, which is more of a reflection of how our respective members adapted during a very busy and challenging year in the residential construction industry in central Ohio," Melchi said. "Thank you to the members of our code enforcement community for all of your work behind the scenes to keep us all safe."

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