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Give Your Contributors More Control Over Their Donations

This can benefit associations

When soliciting donations of time or money for your association or its foundation, the language and framing used can make a huge difference. New research suggests that when asking people to done money, organizations should focus on giving the donor a sense of control and use the word “spend” rather than “give.”

In “Why Are Donors More Generous With Time Than Money? The Role of Perceived Control Over Donations on Charitable Giving,” researchers from the University of Notre Dame and Ohio State University look at donor perceptions, noting that while people recognize time and money are both forms of giving, they view them differently.

“People think about time and money as different resources psychologically, so strategies that might be effective for generating monetary donations might not be effective for getting people to volunteer and vice versa,” said John Costello, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame and coauthor of the study. “Being aware of some of the psychological differences that people have when they’re thinking about time and money is really important in terms of soliciting these different resources.”

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