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Embracing the New Age of Agility

Transform life post-COVID into a profound opportunity

Employees are stuck. Work about work is still wasting the majority of their time, despite massive shocks to the core of the workplace. Teams get lost in the abyss of vague tasks and processes. What’s worse is that now they’re losing time on strategy, too. The good news? Organizations can escape this void with clearer cross-team methods that keep organizations advancing with the ebbs and flows of change.

Challenges will inevitably surface, but they don't have to stay. To alleviate burnout and imposter syndrome, leaders can be transparent on organizational goals, give training, develop mentorship programs, and provide mental health resources. Managers need to model taking time off, stop working outside of business hours, and be honest about their own work burnout. Making these changes is key to attracting top talent, retaining employees, and emphasizing psychological safety at work. And it improves the well-being of both the employees and the business.

Key insights:

  • Managers are losing 62 percent of their workdays on work about work.
  • Employees are spending 27 percent more time this year on skilled work.
  • Employees are spending nearly 36 percent less time on strategy.

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