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Simple Ways to Boost Member Recruitment and Renewals

A multi-pronged approach will help cut through the noise

Getting people's attention has never been particularly easy, but in the current environment, it's even more challenging. So how do you successfully get noticed by members to spur recruitment and renewal?

"Right now, having a multimedia, multi-touch approach is going to be very important, because we're all overwhelmed with promotions, marketing and everything that's going on in the world," said Scott Oser, president of Scott Oser Associates, Inc. "That approach will work toward cutting through the clutter that we're seeing right now."

A Full Court Press
Start by reminding members there is more going on in the world than the endless cycle of pandemic news. Let them know what is happening that is especially relevant to them, specifically in their respective industry and association. Oser recommends being more consistent and regular with outreach and including emails, phone calls and digital marketing as part of your efforts.

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