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On Earth Day, U.S. Reveals it’s Lagging Behind on Critical Climate Pledges

Climate advocates say this day should serve as inspiration

On this 52nd Earth Day, climate experts are reminded of just how far behind the U.S. is on its pledge to slash its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, raising serious questions about the ability of the nation to combat climate change.

Devastating severe weather events continue to occur across the U.S., tied to rising global temperatures, and have served as a reminder of the need for urgent climate action. At the same time, Russia's war with Ukraine is a reminder of the strong dependency of global economies on fossil fuels — reflected through rising gas prices at the pump.

Climate advocates say Earth Day should serve as a source of inspiration for tackling the problem more aggressively. Some strong U.S. legislation has been passed through President [Joe] Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, with investments in electric vehicle production and wind and solar-powered energy, but experts say it may not be enough. Yet passing further reaching climate policy remains uncertain, as Biden already faces a divided Congress and could lose Democrats' small majority in the upcoming midterm elections.

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