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Why Associations Are Moving Away From All-In-one Solutions

They should embrace best-of-breed integration to be great

When you go to a restaurant that has a phonebook-sized menu featuring everything from dumplings to hot dogs to escargot, you can pretty much guarantee you are going to get a mediocre meal (and probably indigestion).

The same can be said of all-in-one association management systems that attempt to do everything under the sun. It’s not that these systems are bad, but should you expect one platform to be great at everything from dues management to event registration to certification programs? They have passable functionality, but chances are neither your staff nor your members are going to experience any big “wow” moments.

More and more, associations recognize this and look for tech integrations that allow them to take advantage of “best-of-breed” functionality. “I would never say the all-in-one approach is wrong,” says Jon Danforth, CEO and president of JL Systems, “They have advantages, like simplicity and lower pricing. But the trend has been away from one system that tries to do it all toward an integrated solution that does exactly what an organization needs.”

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