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Simple Steps for Better Delivering on Member Expectations

They want the same personalization they get from for-profit companies

Subscription-based companies like Netflix and Amazon use a lot of the same strategies to build and sustain relationships with members that associations have been using for decades. But they’ve taken it to a whole new level by providing seamless service and effectively using technology to predict customer behavior and make it seem like they know people and what they really want.

Because of those efforts, members want that same kind of customization from the associations they belong to. They don’t understand why they can’t instantly retrieve a password or why an association is sending them a newsletter about paying off student loans when they are ready for retirement.

“They know Netflix doesn’t send them recommendations about science fiction movies when all they watch are documentaries and love stories,” said Robbie Kellman Baxter, strategy consultant at Peninsula Strategies. “One of the things is to hold yourself to that standard and say: This is what people expect.”

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