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Five Outdated Marketing Practices to Cease

What to keep, toss for an up-to-date marketing approach

Over the last few years, the ways in which brands and consumers connect have changed dramatically. Customers have high expectations of the companies they patronize. It’s no longer enough to offer a high-quality product or service. Today’s customer seeks entertaining content, personalized service and convenience in addition to the desired product.

For marketers, this presents a challenge: What, and how, do you need to communicate your unique brand offering in a way that resonates authentically? It starts by dropping marketing practices that no longer serve your small business, updating your marketing strategy, and implementing new marketing tactics. When updating your marketing, here are some practices to avoid and what to do instead.

Segmenting your audience with surface-level data

In the past, many business owners used demographic data, such as age, gender, or location, to create targeted messaging. Segmenting your audience with surface-level data may have worked in the past, but today, advanced analytics allows you to go deeper.

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