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Six Considerations for Bringing Staff Back to the Office

First: Communicate why you’re going back

Associations are ramping up strategies to bring employees back to the office after two-plus years of full-time remote work. As we head further into 2022, the push to return to the office will only expand. During a recent webinar hosted by Atlantic Union Bank, a panel of local business experts offered considerations for associations to weigh. Here are six of them.

Communicate why you’re going back. After many employees spent two years working from home, organizations learned that remote work was successful. So, before rushing to bring people back to the office, leaders should pause and ask “why?”

The push for in-person could be important for culture, morale and collaboration. Leaders need to understand their own business needs and the unique mindset of their workforce. New hires tend to feel more connected and engaged in a thriving workplace and might learn and embrace an organization’s culture better around other people.

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