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A Four-point Scale for Measuring Burnout

You likely can tick off a few

For decades, researchers have sought out ways to measure burnout. While some methods have gained popularity in research (most notably the Maslach Burnout Inventory), all burnout measures face criticism. Many argue that burnout cannot be easily diagnosed, let alone understood, making any method of measurement questionable at best. Unfortunately, the lack of clarity makes it more difficult for burned-out workers to find solutions.

The Leichtman Burnout Scale (adapted from my dissertation research) seeks to provide a clear understanding of the burnout process specifically for educators. While my dissertation research focused on new teachers, the research in the field of burnout is consistent for veteran teachers in relation to the four categories below.

While each individual case of burnout has different causes, variance in symptoms, and varying thresholds, there are noticeable trends. These trends can help teachers see how burned out they are and what they should do immediately to overcome that stage of burnout. This scale has identified four levels.

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