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When Giving a Boss Feedback, Tread Lightly

These seven steps will help you handle it as smoothly as possible

It can make anyone, no matter how senior or experienced, nervous when they have to give feedback to someone higher up on the chain, someone who has power over them. No wonder! Start with the stresses of giving anyone feedback—the possibilities of being misunderstood, hurting the person's feelings, or experiencing pushback or acting out—but those stresses and risks multiply when you're doing this with someone who has direct control or input regarding your continuing career success.

So, it is understandable that many of us shy away from this kind of situation, deciding that maybe whatever we think warrants feedback isn’t so bad after all, or at least doesn't need to be dealt with today. After all, if even heart-to-heart talks with loved ones can surprise you, imagine how shocking having one with your boss could be.

Although giving feedback to your boss is never easy or completely danger-free, these seven steps will help you handle it as smoothly as possible.

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