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Why C-Suite Job Specs Need to Get Specific

Many executive job descriptions are overly vague

I have a certain amount of sympathy for C-suite execs entering the job market at this moment. On the one hand, the Great Resignation has made it somewhat easier for leaders to write their own ticket. But leaders are asked to do more than ever: Improve the bottom line while demonstrating empathetic leadership throughout the organization, navigating a remote-work environment, an unsettled economy and shifts in meetings, DE&I and more. 

All the more reason for leaders to have a clear picture of what’s expected of them before they arrive at the corner office. But too often, they may not be presented with one. 

In “Set Up to Fail,” a recent article at the MIT Sloan Management Review, a trio of business experts argue that many C-suite tenures go badly or are needlessly truncated because the jobs weren’t well-structured and the goals weren’t clarified. “Individuals wind up stepping into a role that is poorly designed, and ultimately they either become frustrated and leave or disappoint the CEO and are asked to leave,” they wrote.

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