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These Five Things Create the Backbone of Leadership

Create thriving companies by leading with SPINE

One of the criticisms we often hear, especially about elected officials, is that they “lack spine.” This criticism is not unique to politicians. Most of us have worked with people who fit that description — people who are not “leading with spine.”

What does it mean to lack spine? It means you will do whatever is necessary to keep your job.  A lack of spine is a reflection of willful ambiguity. Organized crime runs on this principle. You will lie, cheat, steal or worse to keep yourself close to the center of power. You want the big boss to like you.

Lack of spine is evidence of an environment where disloyalty is the ultimate crime. Allegiance to the boss matters most. Such practices erode culture and lead to dysfunction and toxicity. Eventually, such cultures collapse but not before they wreak pain and havoc.

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