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Use a Data-driven Approach to Navigate Your Return to Office

The pandemic served as a catalyst for a change in the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for a change in the workplace. Throughout the pandemic, association staff have shown that they can work from anywhere, but questions remain about important and often less-visible topics like mental health and work culture. And because the United States is experiencing one of the most demanding talent markets in decades, associations must stay responsive to the evolving employment context and engage staff to better inform decisions about return-to-office policies and norms.

McKinley Advisors, an association consulting firm, embraced this challenge as an opportunity. Using a research-based approach, their Future of Work initiative leveraged staff surveys, leadership visioning work sessions and interviews to create digital-forward staff policies and transform their Washington, D.C., office into a hub for collaboration and community. McKinley and HKS, a global design and strategy firm, offer up three lessons learned as part of their workplace strategy and renovation planning process.

Authentically Inquire

McKinley partnered with HKS to re-envision how its consultants and researchers use the physical office space. Building on a year’s worth of existing COVID-related staff surveys, they developed another broader-ranging survey to assess employee office perceptions, expectations and experiences. 

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