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Prepared Leadership as Your Fourth Bottom Line

An excerpt from The Prepared Leader on the inevitable next crisis

Crises are never one-off events. They happen again and again, though they always seem to catch us off-guard. They shouldn’t. Knowing that crises are inevitable actually empowers us to prepare for them. And the time to prepare for the next crisis is now—and always.

In The Prepared Leader: Emerge from Any Crisis More Resilient Than Before, we argue that as a leader, it falls to you to prepare for the next crisis already facing your organization. It falls to your leadership to develop the protocols and processes, the diversity of perspective and the learning orientation that will empower you to weather the storm on the horizon, and to emerge from the next crisis better than before.

In the following adapted excerpt from our book, we explain how being prepared for crises must become a deeply ingrained leadership habit. And why Prepared Leadership needs to become your “fourth bottom line.”— Erika H. James and Lynn Perry Wooten

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