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Five Ways Leaders Can Build a Culture of Trust and Respect

Create a culture of respect and engagement by honoring your team's feelings

Traditional leaders did not seek to honor feelings because they were more focused on results. In fact, for decades, leaders saw feelings as a weakness in the workplace. Logic, commitment, hard work, and sacrifice were king! Well it’s decades later now and the nature of work and the workers have changed. Leaders must engage employees ideas, creativity, and commitment. And to do that they must honor feelings to lead morale. Here is how.

Feelings are a part of who your employees are. When you honor their feelings, you show respect that is essential to employee morale. If you are picturing long involved emotional moments that steal time from results, change your image. That’s not the issue. All employees know that they must get work done.

Your focus needs to be on recognizing the positive emotions that get things done AND being considerate of their feelings in tough times.

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