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Television's Changing Screen

As streamers cut costs, TV shows vanish

Actress Diana-Maria Riva is all too familiar with one of her shows being canceled. For a performer, it is a painful, unfortunate part of show business. But this was different.

In December, Riva was floored when she found out that "Gordita Chronicles," her recently canceled family comedy, would be removed from HBO Max's vast streaming library — one of dozens of shows that HBO last year effectively wiped from existence for U.S. viewers. Among others: "Westworld," "The Time Traveler's Wife," "Minx," "Mrs. Fletcher" and numerous animated and reality series.

For Riva, the developments were crushing. Over 10 episodes, the critically lauded series followed a plus-sized 12-year-old named Cucu as she and her Dominican family adapt to life in 1980s Miami.

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